Hello. I’m an integrative design director that works in various industries designing and consulting on brand experiences.

Yale Medicine

Yale Medicine was a three year engagement in which we were tasked to no less redefine the organization and prepare it for the future of healthcare delivery. The prodigious project (consisting of 12 different work streams, often working in unison) touched on almost every aspect of our capabilities—strategy, technology, brand design, customer experience, environmental design, editorial writing, video production, and social media.


Alta magazine began as a shoestring collaboration between like-minded creatives who wanted to cover topics in a fresh way. The writing often merges various subject matter into a larger narrative that brings enlightening perspectives. The rebrand needed to convey an upscale curated sensibility targeting cultural enthusiasts. In addition to the rebrand, the engagement also included motion design and guest collaborations on the cover.


Bundoo is an online resource where new and expectant parents can connect with pediatricians and parent communities. The website also provides a deep resource of relevant articles that cover newborns to toddlers. We named and branded the startup, giving it a warm and approachable feel. The brandmark and similar graphical elements convey the easy and open communication that are at the heart of the brand.

Raymundo Lara

Colombian born writer, Raymundo Lara’s first book of short stories and poems (Letters to a Stranger) is about love, loss and chaos. The raven, an iconic narrative image, conveys a sense of mystery and foreboding that’s unique to Lara’s style of writing. I art directed the book cover design as well as the interior pages.


Adoptive was an experience design agency providing strategy, design, and technology solutions for various business sectors. As design director, I was responsible for branding the studio to reflect a clean and modern aesthetic. The look and feel was carried through all communications materials, interior signage, and office accessories.


A collection wordmarks, representing a variety of business verticals, that I’ve art directed or designed.

Still Traces

Brooklyn based indie band Still Traces incorporates electronically manipulated textures with traditional acoustic instrumentation to create a unique sound. Common Forces and The Spirits We Call are their current released EP’s.

Yale School of Medicine

The school of medicine website needed reforms. The technology running it wasn’t efficient and the design was a few years old. In addition to the technology upgrades, we were tasked to improve the UX and design without affecting any of the content or existing information architecture. We developed a style guide and UX standards that dramatically improved the user experience, allowing for better readability, information scanning and device responsiveness.


Volce is an upscale women’s lifestyle brand with products ranging from skincare to cosmetics. The company’s mission is rooted in nature and a bohemian philosophy that are at the heart of its founder. Aquamarine and warm tones evoke sunsets over blue waters while the wordmark employs a painterly aesthetic reminiscent of bohemian street artists.

Stephen Shapiro

Stephen Shapiro is an accomplished author and speaker on business innovation. His approach to the subject matter is deceptively simple yet acutely unconventional. We wanted the brand to reflect his warm approachable personality with a modern flair.


Zymbit is a technology company focused on providing hardware and software solutions for the IoT (Internet of Things) space. The branding uses abstracted elements from their flagship product to convey a creative and innovative company with constantly evolving product offerings.

Yale Medical Group

The patient journey describes the experience of a patient through the phases of care delivery. Looking though this lens, our attention is drawn towards the patient’s perspective, emotions, and moments of truth. The infographics were designed to support a comprehensive insight summary report detailing the organization’s quality of care delivery. Additionally, the report also served as a foundational guide for the organization’s soon to be rebrand to Yale Medicine.


Komar is arguably the largest (and oldest) privately owned manufacturer and licensor of sleepwear and intimates whose products can be found in every department store in the country. We rebranded and repositioned the company and its business lines to enable it to scale efficiently with its projected growth. In line with its values, the brand reflects a modern aesthetic with roots to classic forms.