Hello, my name is Oscar Valdez. I’m a strategy led design director with over 20 years experience working in digital and brand design.

I started my education studying to be a children’s book illustrator but soon found myself taking on design work because it was new challenge and there were similar problems to solve. How do you communicate a story visually? As visual communicators we all use the same tools (color, movement, etc) though with significantly different outcomes.

It is these challenges that drive the work I do, regardless of the medium. Design is not an end product but a process of discovery and validation. As a curious being, I’ve worked with diverse and exceptionally talented people that have influenced the way I approach any project, challenging the norms to achieve work that is engaging and exceptional. From concept to execution, I do it all.

There are no boring companies, just boring brands.”

— Scott Adams

My work experience ranges from blue chip brands (some examples above) to boutique labels. My work style can be managerial to quite hands-on when required—each project is always unique. I’ve mentored designers and interns alike and enjoy learning from young designers with fresh perspectives. If you like what you see, feel free to contact me. You can view my pdf resume here.